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Compliments from our customers... 

I think you have an excellent cat website!  you had to have spent a long time making it.  I just wanted to tell you how good of a job you did on it. Misty

I wanted to let you know you have the best cat site and Registry around.  You guys work so hard for us cats folks.  I can't believe how fast the Registration Papers come back too. Niki

You deserve all the compliments on your websites.  We get tons of compliments on our site by almost every person who inquires about a kitten, in fact. So it is no wonder you get so many compliments.  Chantel

Finding your website was absolutely enthralling to me, an avid Traditional Siamese lover, without knowing that that is what they are called! Thank you so much for all of your time and for your wonderful, informative site! I have been so educated (and excited) by the finding of your website  I am looking forward to being a part of bringing the Traditional type back!  I didn't know there were so many other with similar intentions!!! Ashley

Your website is doing so well you must be very proud.  I have placed a link to  your site on my website so that people can learn more about Traditional breeds.  I think you are providing a terrific service for breeders and the general public, not to mention all the gorgeous Traditional Cats!  Angela


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