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Our Related Experience

We have been developing websites since 1998.  Our experience has been in the High Tech and the animal industries.  We know what is important to your customers, and we have proven success stories from our clients, who are just like you.  Working through TCA, we are offering the least cost approach to helping you connect with and serve your customers.  We use our collective resources to get you the traffic that you need to sell your kittens by allowing many people to see the results of all your hard work.

In the internet, there are several providers that will be involved.  There is your web access provider, who provides you access to the internet.  There is the web space provider that provides you the memory on the server that allows you to build a website with your pictures, video and stories. Then if you own your web domain, there is the Domain Name Server that sells you the use of that name. Then there is the web design and maintenance providers that actually build your web pages, and maintain the pictures and stories to keep them up to date. We are trying to bring you these services at an affordable price to allow everyone to have a professional looking page with the best possible results.

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