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Steps to take

The manner in which we perform our development of your website is to ask you a lot of questions about yourself, your goals for the website and your specific unique qualities that make your efforts different from others. We have you fill out our questionnaire, and this becomes the basis for your website.  You respond to our questions, and we create a unique website that reflects your specific answers to our questions.

You provide the pictures we put on your website, and we work to make them represent the best you have to offer.  Sending several for us to chose from is a good idea to give us the opportunity to pick the best.

Determine how much you plan to spend, or the number of pictures, or the number of pages you would like to have on your site. They are all related to each other. The number of pictures determines the amount of memory, which is also determined by the number of pages, text, and other information you provide.

  • Start with the packages we offer, then

  • Take a look at the service/options we offer for additions to your website.  Add it all up to get an idea of what it will cost, then

  • Contact us to get things going


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