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What does it all mean?

Domain Name - this is your human readable address name on the internet.  This is assigned a numerical name which is harder for humans to remember and keep track of. You must pay for a domain name for you to own that name, if that is what you want.  We can provide this for you. We can also provide you with a sub-domain name along with our webspace.

Sub-Domain Name - this is an alternate name within a name.   It would be comparable for address purposes to an apartment, suite, or room number within a building. You will receive a sub-domain name like your_cattery_name.traditionalcats.com, and your email address will be your_name@your_cattery_name.traditionalcats.com

Web space - this is the memory space where all the pictures, text, and any backup files required to handle the files is stored with high speed access tot he web.

Set-Up - this is the effort it takes to make things work together, look correct, and keep operating when something breaks, or requires changes due to something else changing. Setup is required for the Domain name, Sub-domain name, web space, and of course your website. Once the setup has been completed, accepted and paid for, there are no refunds.

Annual Fees -  these are fees required to cover the cost of renting space, names, and other services.

Maintenance Fees - these are fees charged to make changes, fixes, alterations, or new features, pages, etc. If no changes are made, then no maintenance fees are charged.


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