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You can afford a Small Website 

Our effort is to provide you with high quality advertising at an affordable rate through TCA, Inc., at rates below what you might pay for the web space alone. We can start you off with a single page, and then add more as you can afford it at $40.00 per page. More memory is also available, as are more email addresses.  We are just giving you a small amount of things to consider to make it easier for you, but if you have specific needs, just ask and we’ll try to answer as best we can.

I cannot believe how much kitten placements have increased, I noticed a dramatic increase, of most of them being reserved from 6 weeks old to now by 4 weeks old!! (breeder)

We have done a detailed analysis of what it would cost to have someone else create a website, place it into service, and maintain it regularly. A typical single page website costs anywhere between $250 and $350 dollars to create and publish.  Then add in the cost of the web space, setup fees, and the domain name, and you are above $350 to $500.  Maintenance fees can then run from $120 to $360 per year on top of that.  And this is for a small web site. 

"...one of the best things I ever did advertising wise, was to have Tullycrine set up a web page for me... I have never regretted it!" (Mary Jo)


We realize that the more information that you can provide, the higher the probability of success.  This allows your potential customer to make a selection and then a purchase.  Pictures and videos can tell this story along with your words of love and caring.  Having too many distractions can slow down the responsiveness of your page, and cause potential customers to move on.  So we try to keep your website directed at what you are trying to accomplish.  Presentation of your efforts, and viewing of your kittens, cats, products and services is our goal.

"...my website is doing just great! I think you made me the best website I could ever dream of.  I Love it!" (Marsha)


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We can design your website for you to meet your needs (including domain registration, email addresses and more.)