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Maintenance Fees

Website Maintenance & Update Fees

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These fees apply after the initial setup of your website.  If you require no changes then there are no additional costs.  Each year you will receive a bill for the renewal as appropriate to your web space and linking requirements.

Links (add or change) $5.00 each
Email Addresses (add or change) $5.00 each
Hit Counters  (add or change) $5.00 each
Google Adsense (add or change) $10.00 each
Hover Buttons  (add or change)  $5.00 each
Paypal Buttons (add or change) $5.00 each
Photos (add or change)    $5.00 each         
Scans   (add or change) $5.00 each
Search Form  (add or change) $5.00 each
Printing of your one page site $10.00  each time
Printing of your three page site  $12.00   each time
Printing of your five page site $15.00  each time
Typing $12.00 per hour
Banner Ad Manager (add or change)  $15.00 each
Picture Manager (add or change) $15.00 each
Site Submission $15.00 each time
CD copy of your site $35.00 each time
Logo Development  $35.00 each
Logo Variations $20.00 each
Banner Ad creation $35.00 each
Banner Ad Variations $25.00 each
Photo Retouching $25.00 per hour

Payment Schedule

  • 100%     on placement of the order

 Automated renewal billing can be setup through Paypal for each year when it comes due.

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